Tuesday, March 11, 2008

for smokers only :)

* During the 2010s there will be about one million (10 lakh) tobacco deaths a year in India;

* About 70% of these one million deaths will be before old age; meaning 700,000 (7 lakh) per year killed at ages 30-69 (600,000 men and 100,000 women);

* Tobacco is responsible for 1 in 5 of all male deaths and 1 in 20 of all female deaths in middle age

12% of world smoking population belongs to India!

Cigarette smokers always live 10 years shorter!

Tobacco alone kills 0.8 million or 8 lakh Indians every year!

Tobacco alone is responsible for 1.5 lakh cancer, 4.2 million Heart diseases and 3.7 million lung diseases in India every year!

2200 people die everyday due to tobacco related disease!

India spends Rs. 280 billion for the treatment of smokers! (oh no! my money!)

Worldwide, in 2005, tobacco caused 5.4 million deaths, or an average of one death every 6 seconds.

At least 200 000 workers die every year due to exposure to second-hand smoke at work.

Half of all regular cigarette smokers will eventually be killed by their habit.

Smoking causes at least 80 per cent of all deaths from lung cancer, approximately 80 per cent of all deaths from bronchitis and emphysema and around 17 per cent of all deaths from heart disease.

Those who smoke between 1 and 14 cigarettes a day are eight times more likely to die from lung cancer than non-smokers. Smokers who take more than 25 cigarettes a day have 25 times this risk compared with non-smokers.

Cigarette smoking increases the risk of having a heart attack by two or three times, compared with the risk to non-smokers.

People who smoke and drink alcohol regularly are at greater risk of mouth and throat cancers. One study found that among consumers of both products incidence of these cancers was increased more than 35-fold among those who smoked forty or more cigarettes a day and consumed more than four alcoholic drinks a day.

Smoking during pregnancy leads to an increased risk of: spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), bleeding during pregnancy, premature birth, low weight of babies at birth (which is associated with greater risks of ill-health and failure to thrive), Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (cot death).

Women who smoke and use a contraceptive pill are 10 times more likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular disease than those who take the pill but are non-smokers. Smoking has also been linked with an increased likelihood of menstrual problems (although not with PMT).

Smoking leads to an earlier menopause: on average female smokers go through the menopause up to 2 years earlier than non-smokers and are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

i'll still be there

বিকেলের দিকে যখন রোদ পড়ে আসছে...
আকাশে ভাসছে, এক ফালি চাঁদ...

রোদ্দুরের টর্চ মেরে দেখা...
সেই কুৎসিৎ এক ফালি চাঁদ...

হঠাৎই বলে উঠল

“অন্ধকার নামলে...তুমি না চাইলেও আমি থাকবো!”

me and myself

cinemar seshey jokhon alo joley othhey
aajo khunjey nitey chaii bag, chhata, tumi...
chotir paashey porey thaka chinabadamer khosha,
paasher faanka seat ey rakha amar sompodgulo...
saamliye bhabi...
duto ticket er daamey aaj o kiney cholechhi...
khuchro bhalobashar daabi!